A Guide to Choosing Jewelry as a Gift

Shopping-CoupleWhen you feel knowledgeable and have a little bit of a plan, if you will, buying jewelry as a gift is a great way to give someone a personal present that they will love, and can actually use. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special in your life, let us help you to choose the right jewelry.  Think about these things, with a surge of excitement as you begin your shopping quest:




Think About Personality

First, it’s important to remember, that people use clothing and accessories to represent different aspects of their personality. If you want to give a present that the person on your Gift list will really love, you have to think about her personality. If she prefers to get dressed up and wear more formal styles, you want to choose nicer jewelry that has a more elegant and fashionable appeal. If she prefers a more casual look, then think more practical, and try to find jewelry that she can wear on a daily basis. Shopping based on her personality helps to ensure that you will give her a gift she will love.


Think About Needs

Choosing a piece of jewelry that someone really needs can show a couple of things to her.  First, it can show that you LISTEN (we do know that’s important, yes? :) ), and second, it can show that you really made an effort to give a gift she will love. If she wears a necklace every day but does not seem to have a lot of bracelets, for example, you might want to set your sights on the bracelet selection.  But does she like Bracelets?  Probably, but, you can and should try find out, and this can be fun,  see question approach below…


Ask Her questions, but Subtly

When you’re just spending time together, casually, and perhaps in a non-direct way, make a comment about a nice bracelet on display on the counter in a store.  Or maybe ask her something like, why do some women wear necklaces more often then they do bracelets?  And then be quiet, and let her educate you on the matter.


Use Your Best Judgment

If you are close to the recipient of the gift (and you most likely are since you’re thinking jewelry) , you probably have a good idea of her personality. While you are shopping, try to let your eyes wander until you find a piece that reminds you of her.  What are her favorite colors?  Is her skin tone very light or fair in color, or is she dark skin or tanned? What colors does she think she looks best in?  What colors do you like her best on her?  What gifts has her Mother or friends bought her over the years, that you know she enjoys and loves? If there is something about the jewelry that reminds you of that special someone, there is a good chance that it is a piece of jewelry that she will love and cherish from you.


Brand New, Custom Made or Consignment Jewelry

It is perhaps typical/routine to go to the retail store to look for that Brand New piece, and choose the style & price range of jewelry that you’re looking for.  You can also consider Custom designed jewelry (which we also offer),  which is also a very intimate way to go when shopping for that perfect gift;

But how about Consignment Jewelry?  What are the advantages of Consignment Jewelry Gifts?

  • A Variety that may not be there in a traditional store setting
  • Unique
  • The ability to acquire a much nicer, more valuable piece than your original budget may have dictated :)
  • Estate jewelry items
  • Vintage items
    Below are some Beautiful Consignment pieces that we have.  Visit Our Shop on Etsy You can view more online in our Etsy Store.


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