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The Mel Fisher Atocha StoryThe Mel fisher Atocha story image of the story

The Nuestra Senora de Atocha (Our Lady of Atocha) Spanish Galleon shipwrecked on a reef off the Florida Keys on September 6, 1622, and tragically ended their voyage taking with her 264 souls. Many of whom were Royal Blood.  The Galleon contained 47 troy tons of treasure, which were scattered over 50 miles of the ocean floor. Only 5 people survived the wreck.

Ironically, Mel Fisher was born almost 300 years to the day that the Atocha went down.  His obsession for the Atocha Treasure had lasted over 20 years. During that time, Mel felt himself selling off other treasures that he had found, trying all the time to get people to invest in his dream-fighting off bill collectors, power and utilities cut-offs. He could not even pay his own divers at times.  Mel was forever going to court to keep other salvage companies away from the wreck area.

The biggest tragedy was the death of Mel’s son Dirk, Dirk’s wife and another crew member.  This happened when his salvage boat “The Northwind” sank over the wreck site on July 20, 1975.

Mel Fisher continued on his search despite all the financial problems and death of family and friends.  He ended up finding the mother lode and now, you too can own a piece of that mother lode and a part of the history of the Atocha.



Treasure and Atocha AuthenticityCertificate of Authenticity for each Atocha Coin

This coin contains Atocha Silver that is over 370 years old. The coin is a limited edition. It is shipped in the original Mel Fisher packaging with a Certificate of Authenticity.





Atocha CoinsAtocha Coin from Mel Fisher

Atocha Silver is much More Pure than Sterling Silver!

This silver coin and other Atocha jewelry are hand cast from silver ingots recovered from the Sunken Treasure of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha as explained above.




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